College Dating & Online Dating

As far as dating goes for me I really have no experience.  I mean, I have “gone out” with someone in high school and in college I would “hook up” with girls at parties held in cramped, confined, and over all disgusting basements; but other than that I have really been on my own.  Yeah, I really don’t have any experience.  And being a student in college I know my first focus should be studies, but, I’ll admit, it would be nice to have a girlfriend – someone who will always be willing to hang out with me and motivate me through all-nighters.  Even when I am doing absolutely nothing.  So, since I am not a freshman anymore nor do I think going to a double keg-er in a clammy, ghastly frat basement is more humiliating than enjoyable; I decided giving online dating a chance would be a better option.

As a freshman I was forced to attend frat parties just in attempts of conforming and making new friends.  I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my college years.  Who would?  So every weekend I got aquatinted with my dorm floor by marching through the cold just to get a chance of meeting a girl.  But were girls at the parties?  No…they didn’t even resemble girls because their sloppy kissing and just overall drunkenness.  After I would bring them back to my dorm and get their number on the way, I would only see them leave in the morning without a good-bye and no signs for getting coffee later.  Freshman year was all about who got laid more, not about who you were dating – that was high school. Also, since I didn’t really have any luck in regular dating, I was stuck with dealing with the one-night stand every weekend without any hopes for a further connection.  This led me to dive into online dating.

Luckily I was able to find an online service that was free, since I was always broke, and even accessible on my smart phone.  After I set up my profile and started looking at profiles, I soon realized that not only was the service filled with the most pickiest girls on the earth but I just plain sucked at online interaction (face to face is way better, I really don’t know why no one does this anymore).  I found this out after having my first interaction with a girl on the dating service.  It said she was a 78% match for me so I made the first move.



Where are you from? (stupid question, it was already on her profile)

It’s on my profile…

Oh, so Pittsburgh huh?

I am glad the conversation stopped there so I could not embarrass myself any more than I already did.  As I got more acquainted with the service I soon found out that the service also showed how often people would reply to messages.  But it was so confusing!  Constantly I would read girls profiles saying Message me if you just want to talk! but under that message it would say she replies selectively.  Even when I would message just Hey there would be no response, and soon I would just learn to expect any response as a rare occurrence.

I guess out of these experiences I grew resentful of myself in trying to find love – yeah I know, I said it – instead of listening to everyone saying Let love find you.  There are many ways to finding a significant other but as I am in college more focused on my studies, I think I will stick to just eyeing the girls in yoga pants while on my way to class.  Don’t judge me, we all know everyone does it.

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