Cursive Is Dead, Handwriting Is Next

Remember when your third grade teacher Ms. Johnson asked you to practice cursive?  Well, that crazy old lady was right!  And here are 4 reasons why she was right for teaching you cursive:





Come on, you didn’t think we were serious, did you?  The fact is there aren’t any real reasons to practice cursive anymore.  Anyways, most people don’t even understand cursive anymore, let alone write it.  Recall when the SAT required you to write that statement saying you would not cheat on the test…in cursive?!?  Let’s be honest, that was probably the hardest part of the exam.  Besides the SAT and reading grandma’s letters, why else do we need to know cursive?  And why are schools taking this “skill” out of regular school curriculum?

The reasons why people think cursive is important are over the top and ridiculous.

1.     Reading our country’s historical documents

2.     SAT security checks

3.     (insert other forgotten and/or insignificant reasons)

Come on really? Reading our country’s historical documents?  Is that even necessary?  The ridiculous part is our vice-chancellor of the Department of Education, Jane Tappen, agreesa.  But that motive doesn’t make any sense either.  Knowing how to read our constitution is not important towards furthering our economy, industry, or anything.  In fact, transcribed historical texts are readily available through a simple Google search.

Some school representatives think students should know cursive because they themselves write in cursive.  For example, Lee Superintendent Nancy Graham says she “writes cursive all day long.” Why is that even a reason?  Just because you know how to feed a circus monkey doesn’t mean everyone else needs to know either.

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Is cursive writing dead?  Has it died off too much that there is no more solid evidence to support any idea for the importance of cursive?  Even higher level education school officials like, assistant professor of education at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education, Morgan Polikoff agreed cursive “should be allowed to die,” according to a CBS article.  Therefore, more importantly, higher level education systems agree cursive should just be let go.  No more struggling to write that SAT statement about academic honesty!  Wow…the people in charge of our education do have some intelligence.  Why would we need cursive in the 21st century era?

With some schools moving away from teaching cursive, our education system is beginning to realize cursive is not an important skill to learn anymore.  Teaching it only lessens time that could be spent teaching more important skills like times tables and vocabulary.  Some people question if cursive is a 21st century skill.  In an age where typing is the new way of writing and communication, I might even ask if handwriting is a modern skill.  Come to think of it, why should we even know about handwriting in general?

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Right now, I only use handwriting when writing notes in a class that doesn’t tolerate laptop use (because all teachers think we just mess around on Facebook…well that’s kinda true).  But after college, I really don’t see any purpose in handwriting besides writing Post-It notes.  Someone prove me wrong but I don’t see any vital uses for this practice.  Also, we are moving towards writing with technology where text is easily readable and no hard transcriptions are needed.  Along with what Polikoff said about the death of cursive, he even hinted at handwriting being “unnecessary,” according to this article.

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The truth is, learning to type should be more important than handwriting since no one can really function well today without using a computer.  It is necessary, more than ever, that people learn the general usage of a computer.  On the reading side, I find it hard to read some others’ handwriting other than my own – even though mine is nothing but chicken scratch.

In the next 5 years, expect handwriting to be taken out of regular school curriculum and typing will take its place.  Believe it or not, this future is inevitable and is only part of the process in an advancing society.  Like I said before, prove me wrong and show us your thoughts on this question: Are cursive and handwriting dead?

Wasted on New Years

I bet many of you were either luckily near campus for the great parties for the New Year or you might have been with your family with your drunken dad dangling the Jameson whiskey over your head and just out of your reach.  For me, I was lucky enough to escape to the campus parties and just drink myself silly.  With a fifth of Bacardi to myself, I was ready to just get completely fucking wasted.  Unfortunately, this party I had to drive through and was not excited to sleep at the place either on top of someone or hopefully with someone.  Neither of those things happened.

Immediately when I arrived the drinking started and shot after shot just slipped down my throat.  It might be just me being drunk but I always feel like the rich kid when I am walking around the bitches with a nice glass bottle of rum in my hands even though it was only twenty bucks…well twenty five since my buddy who is over-the-age charged a delivery fee.  Friggin jew.  But that didn’t matter, I was in a good fucking mood.

As my memory “might” recall (and I say might because I probably don’t) we made sure to just take a shot every five minutes we counted down.  So yeah, you could say my bloodstream was just alcohol at that time.  Then the count down.  5…4…3…2…1…Happy New Year! I had the advantage of being next to the hottest girl at the party at that time so we locked eyes, sucked face for a while too.  At some other point while we were still celebrating, I made the stupid decision of placing the rest of my rum on some table so I could use both hand to control my piss aim.  NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR ALCOHOL!  Just like I knew it, I came back to the table and it was long gone.  By that time I was feeling it.  The alcohol I mean.  Then it hit me.  Right then I just plowed through the entire crowd like a linebacker trying to get to the quarterback.  With throw up almost pouring out of my mouth, I got out front and then just let go.  It was almost like the cascades of Niagara Falls were coming out of my mouth.  As a puddle formed of that New Years dinner I had to step back and adjust so no chunks would dirty my new shoes.  Then came the come down.  I had my keys and my car but I wasn’t stupid enough to drive drunk.  I didn’t want to stay there, all of my friends were out too, so there was only one way of getting home; my parents.  For gods sake I did not want to call want to call my parents at two in the morning, but I sure did not want to stay at this house for the night and drive home completely hung over.  So I sucked it up and had to wake them up.

Of course the first one who picked up the phone had to be my dad.  Derek I hope you’re not getting arrested again.  No dad I just want to go home…and I’m drunk.  Thank god he understood, as he was a college student before and in just a while both my parents showed up to take me home.  That was the first my parents ever saw me wasted and last time my parents will ever see me wasted.  Out of the goodness of his heart, my dad even went back in the morning to get my car.  But whatever the case, I fucked the hottest bitch there, time well spent.

So if and when you go to a college party, whether it is New Years or a regular Friday night;

  1. Never lose track of the alcohol you bring with you
  2. Keep track of your limit
  3. Find someone besides your parents who can take you home

Happy New Year everybody! 2014 is gonna be sweet!

5 Questions You Will Be Asked During the Holidays

Another semester is now over, or even a first college semester to some.  So, it’s finally time to pack up and move out of that uncomfortable, confined, heated dorm room and back to your queen sized memory foam mattress back at home.  Time to move back home where you have your own bathroom, nutritious food, and heating that actually works and is controllable.  As with every semester coming to a close, there is that three or four-day window for professors to post up your final grades.  However, most of you are probably staring at the grades screen with beads of sweat running down your face in anticipation to see you didn’t fuck up.  Since college is a hard fucking part of your life, I imagine most of you are doing this – I’ll admit that I am as well.  Also if you went ahead and decided to audit a class – where you just go to class but don’t get a grade, usually used for people like me who just think the class is way too hard – get ready for your parents to rip the shit out of you for wasting their money for basically nothing.  On the other hand, particularly with the fall semester coming to a close, you might find yourself during the holidays answering questions from your family members.  Some family members do not seem to realize that you are too young to really know what you are doing in life, but ask you anyways just to feel superior to others from knowing that their niece or nephew is going to become a CEO someday.  With that being said, here are 5 questions, asked by your family, you will encounter during the holiday festivities.

So, what are you majoring in?

I feel like some family members don’t believe there is any real major unless it has the words “business,” or “advertising,” or “biology,” or “chemistry.”  I can vouch for that because when I declared my major – Professional Writing – the usual response was Oh that sounds interesting!  What is that about?  And once I mentioned I was minoring in Advertising, they seemed a bit more comfortable with the major I picked.  So, if you are majoring in the Arts & Sciences section at your college, be ready for that response.  Conversely, if you don’t have your mind made up on a major be ready to respond with I am just exploring right now.  Which is the worst thing to say, it leaves a little taste of sadness in your mouth.  Basically the only thing they here is I really have no idea! 

Any girls/boys you are interested in?

This is most annoying to me because I have my parents ask me this every time I come home, now I have to deal with my other family asking me the same thing.  Sometimes I am seeing one, but just to not share the morose truth I make up a name.  Now your larger family will want to know more about this partner you have.  They will even act curious into why she is not at with you visiting your family as well.  Bringing your girlfriend or boyfriend to Christmas dinner at your grandparents’ is more for potential couples or if you have been dating since high school (I feel sorry for you if that is your case).  Therefore be ready to answer questions about his or her name, address, major, hair color, and favorite hobby.  Also, enlighten them in the fact that your girlfriend or boyfriend is not a potential wife or husband and they spend time with their family during the holidays.  Just. Like. Everybody. Else.


Do you have a job?

My parents give me money…why the fuck would I need a job right now?  (Actually don’t respond like this even though you know you are thinking it.  Just say you’re too busy with schoolwork.)

How are the dorms?

Oh they’re just great!  Besides sharing a bathroom with thirty others, getting kicked out of my room because my roommate needs some “alone time,” sleeping on a mattress made of sandstone, not able to control my heat or air-conditioning, living with a roommate who snores louder than a chainsaw, and having my neighbor keeping me up from pounding his girlfriend everything is just great!

Since your larger family members went to college when the dorms were state-of-the-art in their time, doesn’t mean everything is still hunky-dory for everyone else.

What do you want to do after college?

Well I am not even 20 and I am not a senior so I guess I might just wait until then.

This question is similar to them asking about your major if you are undecided.  Sure you are majoring in business management but I don’t think your plan after college is to sit in a cubicle all day, everyday for forty years (maybe fifty if the economy keeps fucking up).

Happy holidays everyone!

The Week Before Finals

For many of you, finals might be over or you might be in the middle of cramming for your next one.  I am thankfully done with my third semester and now biting my nails in nervousness of final course grades being posted.  Also, as many of you, I went through that week before finals of procrastinating, bull shitting, and just going through numerous Buzz Feed posts just to take studying off of my mind.  That week usually begins with putting off work, putting off more work, then finally coming to the conclusion that you should just find jobs that don’t require a degree.  Here is the week you will encounter before finals.


Alright, I have a week to study for finals.  That’s more than enough right?  I’ll just spend this day putting a plan together for how long I should study for each class.  I’ll make study guides and just go read them over and over, and notecards!  Awesome, I am gonna be so set!  Ok, this doesn’t seem like much work making the plans…I’ll just get up early tomorrow and make the plans and start studying tomorrow.  I mean, I have a week; that’s 168 hours of studying time for 5 finals that are 2 hours long at most.  It’s whatever, I’ll just watch some Netflix, go to bed early and wake up early.  How hard can this really be?


Wow, I woke up later than I thought.  Now it’s the middle of the day and there is probably no space at the library.  But I can’t study at my apartment.  My roommate, and HRIM student, is playing PS4, how will I ever be able to study.  I don’t think it’s that bad, I can just study tomorrow.  That means I’ll have 144 hours to study right?  That’s almost the same amount of time as 168 hours.  Anyways, I made the plan for how long I am going to study for each subject so I should be set.  I promise myself, I will wake up early and go to the library for the rest of the day.


Wow, I finally found a spot at the library.  I’ve never been here before, where are the outlets, the Wi-Fi?  But before I really start, let me just see what my friends are doing.  I’ll just take 5 minutes to go through each social network and then get down to it . . . Well now I’ve spent an hour and a half on Facebook because everyone is posting Buzz Feed articles about finals week.  I still need to put a study playlist together too; can’t study without some motivating music right?  Plus, I have the rest of this week and the weekend to study.  I can just pull all-nighters and bum some Adderall off my roommate.  He also got a new bong from Cali I have to try that.  Just one rip then I can get some early sleep.  I already got like close to half my study guides done, that’s basically studying right?


Ok, I am back in the library, but I am so lost.  How have I never been here before?  This place is like a labyrinth made by bookshelves.  Thankfully my roommate gave me an Adderall pill for $5, that’s not a rip off right?  I will just pop it and go through every chapter we went over that I never read.  (30 minutes after taking the pill)  Wow, I should really catch up with my buddies I made from summer camp in 2008.


So I made a little progress, but it’s fine if I just do all-nighters the rest of the time.  4 days is way more than enough time.  I mean I’ll just run on coffee and Monster until I am done.  But holy shit; there is so much to do!  I don’t even know where to start!  Is it too late to look for another career?  Studying is so boring; can’t we just write a paper?  Alright, I will just pull all-nighters, even if the library closes I will hide from security.


will spend the rest of these 48 hours studying.  No more social media, but let me at least check up to see if my FedEx order shipped.


How did I put all of this work off?  Oh, because I was fucking around that’s why.  Are there any jobs I don’t need a major for?  Hell yeah, it says online I can become a nuclear power plant manager and make 6 figures!  Who am I kidding; I guess I’ll just cram for my 8 AM final.  And if I walk in looking confident I might get some points?  FUCK I am so lost!  I’ll just cram until 8 AM, no sleep tonight.

I hope you all have fun studying!  Happy Finals!  Let the curve be ever in your favor!

College Dating & Online Dating

As far as dating goes for me I really have no experience.  I mean, I have “gone out” with someone in high school and in college I would “hook up” with girls at parties held in cramped, confined, and over all disgusting basements; but other than that I have really been on my own.  Yeah, I really don’t have any experience.  And being a student in college I know my first focus should be studies, but, I’ll admit, it would be nice to have a girlfriend – someone who will always be willing to hang out with me and motivate me through all-nighters.  Even when I am doing absolutely nothing.  So, since I am not a freshman anymore nor do I think going to a double keg-er in a clammy, ghastly frat basement is more humiliating than enjoyable; I decided giving online dating a chance would be a better option.

As a freshman I was forced to attend frat parties just in attempts of conforming and making new friends.  I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my college years.  Who would?  So every weekend I got aquatinted with my dorm floor by marching through the cold just to get a chance of meeting a girl.  But were girls at the parties?  No…they didn’t even resemble girls because their sloppy kissing and just overall drunkenness.  After I would bring them back to my dorm and get their number on the way, I would only see them leave in the morning without a good-bye and no signs for getting coffee later.  Freshman year was all about who got laid more, not about who you were dating – that was high school. Also, since I didn’t really have any luck in regular dating, I was stuck with dealing with the one-night stand every weekend without any hopes for a further connection.  This led me to dive into online dating.

Luckily I was able to find an online service that was free, since I was always broke, and even accessible on my smart phone.  After I set up my profile and started looking at profiles, I soon realized that not only was the service filled with the most pickiest girls on the earth but I just plain sucked at online interaction (face to face is way better, I really don’t know why no one does this anymore).  I found this out after having my first interaction with a girl on the dating service.  It said she was a 78% match for me so I made the first move.



Where are you from? (stupid question, it was already on her profile)

It’s on my profile…

Oh, so Pittsburgh huh?

I am glad the conversation stopped there so I could not embarrass myself any more than I already did.  As I got more acquainted with the service I soon found out that the service also showed how often people would reply to messages.  But it was so confusing!  Constantly I would read girls profiles saying Message me if you just want to talk! but under that message it would say she replies selectively.  Even when I would message just Hey there would be no response, and soon I would just learn to expect any response as a rare occurrence.

I guess out of these experiences I grew resentful of myself in trying to find love – yeah I know, I said it – instead of listening to everyone saying Let love find you.  There are many ways to finding a significant other but as I am in college more focused on my studies, I think I will stick to just eyeing the girls in yoga pants while on my way to class.  Don’t judge me, we all know everyone does it.